Animate Insect

School Necromancy
Level Sor/Wiz 0,
components V,S,M
casting time 1 action
range Touch
target One dead insect or arachnid
duration Instantaneous
saving throw None
spell resistance No

This Cantrip is as animate dead, except you may only animate a single dead insect or arachnid of diminutive or fine size into an exoskeleton (treat as a skeleton) that follows your spoken commands. Only creatures of 1HD or less can be animated, and count as a 1HD creature for determining the number of undead creatures you can control at one time. Unlike normal skeletons winged insects created with this spell may retain the ability to fly but are reduced to clumsy maneuverability.

Material ComponentEdit

You must cover the insect to be animated with powdered onyx costing 1gp

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