Battleaxes come in many different shapes and sizes, but are primarily axes designed or adapted for combat.

Single headed battle axeEdit

These axes generally have handles the length of a young woman's arm and have a single head, generally making them slightly less balanced, but faster then dual headed ones. The counterbalance is oft placed in the lower back of the handle and the blade sometimes has a hook for disarming an opponent.

Dual headed battleaxeEdit

The Dual headed battle axe is somewhat heavier but better balanced then a single headed one, allowing for an equally devastating back-swing. Oft these axes have a relief carving depicting a scene of legend and/or runes that may or not be magic.

Doublehanded battle axesEdit

These come with one or two heads, but are heavier and hit far harder then the previously mentioned axes. However, they are not to be confused with halberds and pole arms

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