The Calim Desert is a vast sand filled region.


  • Denrulla SandWalker-A druid and member of the Circle of the Sand druid order
  • Dulkar DuneWinder-A male dwarf ranger and rouge, known 'of the Dark and Deadly Poison Finger'
  • Fellur'ed'Sheen-A Phoenix, known as 'The Red Feather', lives in the Oasis of Jel'bin'Lerrur
  • Saad-A slow brown dragon
  • Novorellain-A Lammasu
  • Seelomerra-A female Cay, known as 'She of the eyes that do not see'
  • Zeleruf'al'Effere'bin'Eessof-A Chy-Flen Sorcerer
  • Ablen bin Vessoi-A human mage

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