Cherrapunni Nor

This large lake lies just inside the western border of Ra-Khati. Fed by the Gogrus river at one end, the lake is formed by a natural dam of glacier-deposited rock at the other. Here, the Gogrus flows out through a narrow gorge and eventually falls into the Jumpa Chasm.

Cherrapunni is noted for its clear blue water. Cherrapunni Nor is also known as the Sacred Lake of Cherrapunni. It is one of the required stops of pilgrims traveling up the Gogrus River. Here they must drink the water to cleanse themselves of evil before continuing. In older times, before Ra-Khati closed its borders, a monastery stood at the northern end. The monastery was dedicated to the padhrasattva of pilgrims.

Since the closing of Ra-Khati’s borders, this monastery has been abandoned and allowed to fall into ruin. The pilgrims that do make it to Ra-Khati still shelter among the ruin and the land here radiates goodness. Cherrapunni is also known as the Bottomless Lake. Since it fills part of a mountain valley, the shore drops away quickly. No one has ever reached the bottom, mainly because there has been little reason to try. Whether Cherrapunni is truly bottomless is unknown.

For a lake of its size, Cherrapunni is remarkably free of dangerous creatures. There are a few species of giant cold-water fish and some exotic nymphs and nixies, but for the most part the lake is relatively quiet. Fishing is poor because the water flows from the barren glaciers. There are few settlements around the lake. Most were deserted or destroyed when the forces of Solon attacked Ra-Khati many years ago.

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