Cloak Wood
Area Western Heartlands
Races fey and a number of wild beasts

Inhabitants of Cloak Wood
Locations in Cloak Wood

Cloak Wood lies south of Baldur's Gate and north of Candlekeep, where its ancient overgrown forest looms along the shore south of the Sword Coast. Unlike the cliffs to the north, the Cloak Wood's shoreline theoretically allows a ship to moor and send a small boat to shore for water and supplies. In practice, only desperate mariners dare the wood's nasty population of beasts, monsters, and vicious fey.

This forest has a rugged relief with many stream-cut ravines shaded by tall specimens of beech, elm, and white pine.

The sages of Candlekeep assert that Cloak Wood contains portals to several other parts of Faerûn.

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