Now listen up youngskulls! As fighters get so many feats and tricks that you need to pick what you learn wisely. So based on my long experience as a fighter myself, here are my top five to learn.

1.Improved Trip: Tripping is quickly overlooked in the rush to pure damage, but it's remarkably efficient. Not only can you trip whenever you could normally attack and if successful you immediately gain a free attack as if you hadn't used your attack. Tripped opponents are a significant easy target and since standing from prone takes a bit of effort you can get in a quick strike as they do. A tripped opponent can't make a full attack and you still have a free chance to trip him again when he stands. It doesn't work so well on especially huge or beefy creatures.

2.Spirited Charge:It's remarkably powerful - big damage on a mounted charge! The horse is your best weapon.

3.Weapon Specialization: You can't really argue with getting better at hitting. It's sort of the fighter's prerogative.

4.Cleave:This a completely free second attack that triggers every time you kill a guy. Drawbacks are that it's useless against single large foes or very spread out ones.

5.Improved Critical:doing more damage with your weapon is a clear winner. Some creatures like undead are immune, but even so still a very effective feat.

Corpolin Grezzeski Fighter Scroll set forth on Ches 12th 1339

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