School Necromancy
Level Sor/Wiz 0, Death 0
components V,S,M
casting time 1 action
range touch
target one object
duration permanent
saving throw wil neg(object)
spell resistance yes(object)

This spell can only be cast in a place where a person or animal has died. The spell calls forth a flickeing, bluish flame, about the size of a candle flame. The corpselight flickers about an inch above the surface or object it was cast upon. The corpselight is immaterial, but immobile, and if the object or surface the corpselight is cast upon is moved, the corpselight is extinguished. The corpselight casts a wan light in a 1 foot diameter, about half the brightness of a candle flame. Only one corpselight can be cast per square foot. Once an area contains a corpselight, another cannot be cast there, nor can another be moved into the area of effect of the first corpselight. The caster can cast a number of corpslights equal to his level each day.

Material ComponentEdit

A drop of blood mixed with dirt from a graveyard or burial mound or with powdered bone from a dead creature (not undead).

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