Create Air

School Conjuration (Creation)
Descriptor (Air)
Level Clr 1, Pal 1, Rgr 1Drd 0
components V,S,F
casting time 1 action
range Medium
target 1 + 1 person per two levels
duration Instantaneous
saving throw Will negates (harmless, object)
spell resistance Yes (harmless, object)


By means of this spell a bubble of fresh, breathable air may be generated around a person. This air will drive out the stale air around a person and restore it to a 'fresh' state. In cases of individuals adrift in space, this permits another rolling of the die to determine duration of the fresh air.

Within a larger envelope of air (such as the deck of a ship or the atmosphere of a planet), the freshened air will drift off, combining with the existing air. This can be considered to add the equivalent of two man-hours of fresh air, for each person-equivalent.

The spell can replace air that may be stale or befouled, including air that is poisoned or tainted by a Cloudkill or Stinking Cloud spell.

Creating additional air around a single individual does not create a larger envelope; the excess air will simply drift off.

If the Create Air spell is used within a gravity field, inside otherwise hostile circumstances (such as inside a Cloudkill or Stinking Cloud), it will allow the recipient a single clean breath before the created air bubbles to the surface.

This spell does not precisely counter Destroy Air, as it affects more targets, and just transforms the air in a different way. Even though this is primarily an air transmutation spell, you can alternatively use it as a conjuration/creation spell, as long as you are not in the Flow, to create air.


A small, stoppered flask.

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