Natural monstrous humanoid
Type Natural monstrous humanoid

Dakons are a race of intelligent apes.


Dakons are traders and hunter/gatherers. Males hunt on foot or atop elephants using spears, javelins, blowguns, and clubs. Females and children forage for food and medicinal plants with armed male escorts. Dakons practice agriculture on a limited scale, preparing small plots for their individual needs. Dakons do not associate with less intelligent apes, but tolerate other intelligent ape species such as the grommans, and can be befriended by beings who follow their lawful customs. Humans, demihumans, and needlemen are regarded neutrally. Qullans, tasloi, and yuan-ti are attacked on sight. Environment

Dakons dwell in theJungle. They build their homes in large trees but are equally able to build houses on stilts.

Typical physical characteristicsEdit

Dakons resemble apes with light-brown fur, green eyes, and black hands.


Dakons are usually lawful neutral.


Dakons have a tribal society led by an alpha male (called the ghana, or war chief) and female and their close family members. Dakons sometimes study arcane magic, and their leaders are often wizards.


Dakons believe in a spirit world in which fiends and their ancestors dwell. It is thought that the dakons worship deities such as Boccob and Obad-Hai, albeit under different names. Dakon shamans are known as sakirs. To become a sakir, a dakon must wander in the jungle for a year with no shelter but the trees, communing with the gods. A few during this period discover that power can be learned from demons; these become witch doctors, or zaras. Zaras remain hermits; most retain their alignments, but with difficulty. Some learn too quickly and become corrupted into chaos and evil. Language

The Dakon language is largely based on hoots, grunts, finger and hand gestures, and body postures.

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