This dagger was no doubt Captain Albestor FreeSeas( 'Rixx') most prized weapon. It combines various magical powers with a craftsmanship that make this elegant dagger a deadly beauty.

As soon as the dagger was in the possession of sages, they studied it. They targeted both the origin and the powers of the weapon and they have come up with a few surprising results. Sea folk tell stories about such weapons made by a race that lives far beneath the waves in the depths of the Sea. These seadwellers give the dolphinweapons to airbreathing creatures as a sign of great gratitude. According to a song, a mage called Joyweed, was one of the few to gain such a honour. The song continues with her riding dolphins and rescuing many seamen from a death from drowning.

The unknown undersea craftsman made this dagger of a special composition of metals. The composition is presumed to be of metals found only in the deep seas. The blade is very strong and flexible. It is also magically enhanced to make it hit easier and to cause more damage than normal daggers would. The guard is carved in wave forms with four inlet small sapphires. Another property of this metal is that it also can withstand every form of corrosion. Salt and water have no effect, even the infamous rustmonster can't cause this dagger to rust.

Although the blade is magical, the magic mainly radiates from the walrus ivory handle that is carved like a dolphin.

This dolphin bestows the wielder at will with the breathingcapacity of a dolphin. This means that a normal human could stay under water for about 5 times longer. Although this only works once a day, it can save your live when you are out there on the seas.

This dolphinbreath ability is not the only magical power, but the other effects seems somehow be tied together with this power. As long as the wielder is using this power the other magical powers can be invoked.

The first additional power is that what mages call "free action". This means that the wielder is not hindered by the thickness and slowness of the water, compared to air. Normally a landliving being is unused these conditions, but with the Dolphin Dagger you can do everything underwater with the same ease as you are used to on land.

The second power that is working as long as the wielder has the dolphinbreath ability, is the possibility of the dagger to change in form. When mentally invoked the dagger can grow to the size of a long sword and shrink back again. This means that an adventurer can choose between a dagger, which is useful for cutting nets and ropes, and a long sword which is much more useful in combat. When the dolphinbreath is ended the dagger always returns to dagger size.

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