The Earthroot Far to the east, below the plateau of Thay and the towering rampart of the Sunrise Mountains, lies the vast domain known as the Earthroot. Very little is known about this domain, and since it lies beneath the Unapproachable East, few western folk ever even learn of its existence. The Earthroot is home to most of the drow city of Undrek'Thoz, as well as the duergar realm of Fraaszummdin. In its northerly reaches, it is a frigid area containing numerous ice formations and caves. Its southern portions extend out beneath Raurin, the Dust Desert. Some of the most ancient civilizations of Faerun rose above this portion of the Underdark, and many secrets from the lost empires of Nar, Raumathar, and Imaskar lurk within its unknown reaches. The greatest and best-kept of these secrets is the realm of Deep Imaskar itself, which lies below the Endless Wastes in the easternmost portion of the Earthroot.


  • Deep Imaskar (Metropolis, Deep Imaskari; Lowerdark)
  • Fraaszummdin (Large Town, Duergar; Middledark)
  • Sphur Upra (Large City, Gloaming; Middledark)
  • Undrek'Thoz (Metropolis, Drow; Middledark)


  • The Boneyard (Middledark)

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