The Fugue Plane

Type Special demi-plane
Native(s) Spirits of the recently dead, the False, and the Faithless
Alignment Trait None
Physical Traits:
Gravity Special
Time Normal
Shape & Size Immeasurable
Morphic Trait Static (divinely morphic for Kelemvor)
Faith Trait Kelemvorites
Elemental & Energy Traits None
Magic Trait Impeded (all)

The Fugue Plane is a neutral plane within the Astral Sea where the souls of mortals are drawn when they die. The vast majority of this plane is flat, gray, bland and nondescript, with no notable topographical features. The sky overhead is also gray. The plane's only significant feature is the City of Judgment in the middle of which stands the Crystal Spire where Kelemvor and Jergal reside and it serves as the former's dominion.

There are only three methods of getting to the Fugue Plane: as a divine servant collecting a deity's future petitioners, through non-permanent portals from the Nine Hells or the Abyss, or through death.


The petitioners of the City are the servants of Kelemvor and Jergal. The False and the Faithless also inhabit the realm.The servants of Kelemvor and Jergal enact punishments on the False and act as a city militia to protect against tanar'ri raids and, on rare occasions, attack the Abyss to punish demons for attacking the city.

Kelemvor's AgreementEdit

Souls can reside in the city for up to a tenday before a divine servant comes to collect them, often completely clueless to the fact that they are dead. During that time, baatezu are allowed to inform souls of their state and bargain with them. Souls are offered the chance to become devils themselves, usually starting as a lemure but having the chance to advance through the devilish ranks, possibly even becoming a pit fiend. This is the main way baatezu propagate. The prospect of becoming a devil may seem abhorrent to good-aligned mortals but those who follow evil deities and those who fear what awaits them in the afterlife are much more likely to take up the offer.

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