Glacier of the Dragon

Some claim this glacier is so named for its serpentine shape, winding between the peaks of the A-Ling Shan, but this is not the case. The Glacier of the Dragon is one of the major breeding grounds of white dragons.

Honeycombed underneath the ice crust are miles of twisted tunnels and frozen caverns, the rookeries of the white dragons. Cave mouths open on the edge of glacial cliffs and into deep crevasses, providing secret entrances into the system of tunnels. In lands far beyond the mountains are rumors of the riches of an icy domain filled with dragon treasure. Adventurers and fools have been lured great distances in hopes of finding the fabled caverns and stealing the hordes of unguarded treasures therein.

The Glacier of the Dragon is hardly unguarded. Aware of the danger to their broods, the white dragons do not leave the caverns unprotected. In addition to their own formidable forms, they allow the presence of other creatures—yeti, cave bears, snow leopards, and greater oni—provided none threaten the safety of the young dragons.

Few adventurers manage to find the isolated glacier and fewer still manage to escape alive.

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