Glacier of the Lost King

This glacier on the edge of the Hollow Crown Mountains is the place where Kalon Doring, the last king of the old kingdom of Guge, disappeared. Driven mad by the gods for challenging the armies of the Celestial Emperor, the king marched his army into the snowy mists of this glacier, seeking out the hosts of the Celestial Emperor.

The king, along with 10,000 men, disappeared forever. Some claim there was a great battle on the snowfield where the king and his men were utterly destroyed. Others say the army of Guge still roams the glacier, searching for the enemy. The rumor is that Kalon Doring and his army still roam the glacier, much to the peril of any traveler foolish enough to cross it. They have been transformed into evil spirits, hating all the life of the “warmlanders.” This is their final punishment from the gods.

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