Gogrus River

This river is the only known route into the interior of Ra-Khati. Even then, it is a narrow and dangerous route. Starting in the frozen heights of the Katakoro Shan, the Gogrus flows through Ra-Khati to Cherrapunni Nor. From there it joins the Jumpa River.

The Gogrus is one of the sacred rivers of the southern lands, part of the pilgrimage to the Sacred Sources of the Gaya. Pilgrims who choose to go up the Gogrus must stop at Cherrapunni Nor. From there they travel up the Gogrus to where the Dharbang River enters the “Bed of Two Lovers.” The waters here have special healing properties. Beyond this junction, the Gogrus enters a narrow gorge, barely wide enough for both the rushing waters and the trail that follows it.

The gorge leads to the Rainbow Falls, where the Akundi River joins the Gogrus. Here a winding path, the Rainbow Trail, climbs the sheer face of the cliff to reach the top of the falls. Along the path are six hospices operated by the Order of Rainbow Monks. Travelers are welcomed at these stations and provided food and shelter for the difficult climb. The monks charge nothing for their services, but ask for donations to their order.

Beyond the Rainbow Falls, the gorge continues, becoming even narrower and rougher. The trail is little used, leading to the thinly populated uplands of Ra-Khati. Eventually the trail ends, as the canyon becomes impossible for even the nimblest goat to follow.

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