Government Monarchy
Ruler King Horgar Steelshadow
Races duergar
Exports fish, mining equipment, and quality steel arms and armor

Inhabitants of Gracklstugh
Locations in Gracklstugh

Gracklstugh also known as the City of Blades, is just south of the Evermoors. The nation consists of a large grotto of hollowed-out stalagmites that borders the Darklake, and the duergar use the stone pillars as smelting centers and also build their homes and workshops around them. The duergar control territory for several miles around their home city, allowing in only visitors intent on trade, and they have a large standing army to enforce their claim. The city holds many duergar, derro, slaves of various races, and a clan of stone giants. The city exports fish, mining equipment, and quality steel arms and armor. The derro are the true rulers, controlling the duergar king and the clan leaders with bribes, magic, and threats. Gracklstugh has a large standing army and patrols its borders often.


Places of interestEdit


Law and justiceEdit



  • -3717 The city is founded.
  • -3392 The Duergar King Horgar Steelshadow II proclaims the founding of Deepkingdom with Gracklstugh as its royal seat, claiming sovereignty over all gray dwarf enclaves north of the Sharnlands and west of the Buried Realms beneath Anauroch.

The Gray Ghost thieves guild has a number of psionic members -- mostly lurks but also multiclass duergar and derro psychic warriors and psions. The guild is embroiled in a bitter war with the Keepers of the Flame, an order of psion/clerics [Laduguer] that serve Themberchaud (young adult red dragon), the Wyrmsmith of Gracklstugh. The war began when Zunkhasp Saltbaron, the nominal leader of the guild, organized the theft of a dragon egg from Themberchaud's treasure hoard. Themberchaud did not lay the egg -- he is a male dragon -- but it might be his offspring or part of the spoils of one of his conquests. The enraged keepers declared war on the guild, throwing the everyday affairs of the city into chaos.

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