Great Bhaerynden In the south-central portion of Faerun, below the endless plains of the Shaar, lies the homeland of not one but two Underdark races--Bhaerynden, the great caverns of the south. The first great homeland of the dwarves, Bhaerynden was conquered and occupied long ago by the drow when they first descended into the Underdark. The drow named their new realm Telantiwar, but their kingdom did not last. For some reason that has been forgotten in the intervening centuries, the great vaults that made up the heart of Telantiwar collapsed, crushing a dozen drow cities and creating the Great Rift in the process. Although the cavern that housed Bhaerynden no longer exists, it was only part of a sprawling network of caves and deep delvings. The gold dwarves now hold the Rift and many of the caverns surrounding it, but several powerful drow cities remain in this vicinity, including Guallidurth, Llurth Dreir, and Tlindhet.


  • Deepburrow (Small City, Halfling; Upperdark)
  • Earth's End (Small Town, Earth Genasi; Lowerdark)
  • Fluvenilstra (Small City, Slyth; Lowerdark)
  • Llurth Dreir (Metropolis, Drow; Middledark)
  • T'lindhet (Drow; Middledark)


  • The Great Rift (Upperdark)

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