Hallstatt is one of the largest countries in the Central Area along with Semphar. The Silk Road crosses Hallstatt before it crosses the Great Mountains and into Terraguard.

Hallstatt is ruled by a carefully balanced triad of powers. The Druids, the Bards and the Kings.

The Druids in Hallstatt are a special religious class that believes in a strict adherence to their belief system. Leadership is carefully orchestrated into circles, and the Druids position themselves to be advisers to each of the many rulers.

The Bards in Hallstatt are the recorders of history. They are the educated class, the ones who keep alive traditions in both song and in text.

The Kings of Hallstatt live by a simple code of stronger is better. The more powerful a warrior is, the higher rank he can achieve. Relying only on physical power will stifle the growth of a leader; crafty leadership and the ability to lead others is what separates out those who would be King.

There are many small towns and villages scattered throughout the lands. Phannaskul Port Ghaast Ustann Khalab Somraggah Zindalankh Ghaws Thalathat Umarah Sinilyr Diyala Taj Sughra Kilastann Graumot Jurash Isfasan Hashimyl Alzayat Madan Isa Rume Tuulish Athab Hatra Wakirnayskul Delbyl Jhandyl Murghyr Maerlar

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