Natural construct
Helmed horror
Type Natural construct
Location Prime Plane

A helmed horror is an animated construct often found as a guardian.


A helmed horror as an empty suit of armor, with purple magical light flickering between the joins. They often carry a greatsword and a heavy crossbow.


Helmed Horrors fight intelligently. They go after soft foes first and use thier magic to outmaneuver foes.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Helmed Horrors can move through the air, as the spell air walk. They can see unseen creatures and objects, as the spell see invisibility. They are immune to several spells. They can imbue a melee weapon they hold with a magical attack power.


Helmed Horrors are over 5,000 years old. Both Netheril and Imaskar are well known to use helmed horrors.


The process of creating helmed horrors was something of a bad secret for many years. While unknown to the magical community at large, a great number of clerics of Bane, liches and evil wizards knew well how to create these constructs. It is now uncommon knowledge. A powerful spellcaster, with knowledge of both construct creation and arms and armor creation is needed, and a special workroom, along with the spells needed for the ritual.

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