Once in the years before even the elves lived in the north, this was an extinct volcano, but has with the passage of the winters become little more than a hill with a cup-like peak. It's sides are covered with soft, shiny grass, and only the occasional outcropping of hardened lava or scattering of obsidian chips belies its true origin.

General InformationEdit

The slopes of this grass-cloaked peak were home to an armed camp at the time of the Battle of the Bones and it was here that the armies of men raised their standards and tended their wounded. In more recent times, the peak has been used by rogue spell-casters as a meeting-place, and by the Hierophant Druid Pheszeltan to work mighty weather magics. Today the Hill is empty, save for the Haunts (spirits of the fallen) and tribes of goblin races.

Somewhere on the Hill of Lost Souls is the tomb of Thelarn "Swifthammer", son of Mongoth. This dwarven adventurer is said to lie entombed with a hammer of thunderbolts and a weapon called Skysplitter, an intelligent war axe that has the ability to call lightning, as well as much gold. The Tomb of Thelarn has not been uncovered, and at least one group of adventures, the Men of the Blue Blade, have met their end at the hands of orc hands while looking for it.

More recently, a church was established in the rock of the Hill of Lost Souls dedicated to Kossuth, Almighty God of Fire Elementals. Father Regil, Sepreme Firewalker of Kossuth is the Patriach of the temple and has 15 low level clerics in his service.

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