The Hordelands
Capital None
Government Tribes
Ruler Hubadai Khahan
Population 133,000
Races Centaurs, Dwarves, Gnolls, Humans (Tuigans)

The Hordelands, also known as The Endless Wastes and as Taan by the natives, was once the territory of the mighty empire of Raumathar and is now populated by the Tuigans. It is bordered on the north by Yal-Tengri, on the west by Narfell, Rashemen and Thay, on the south by Murghôm, Semphar and the massive Yehimal mountains and on the east by the empire of Shou Lung.


The Golden Way passes though the Hordelands. In this region the Golden Way is not a road, merely a series of marker stones, each visible from the last. The Golden Way leads from water hole to water hole, and is most valuable in this region, for it is often the only marked route to water.

Related placesEdit


Main article: Winterkeep

Winterkeep is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, city in the Hordelands. Originally a nobleman's estate, it later became the winter palace of the Raumatharan king. It is located on the southern side of a bay in Yal-Tengri.

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