This small Semphari village is located at the mouth of the Goldenflow, where it would have been nothing but a sleepy backwater had it not been for the marvelous nature of that river. Instead, Iliphanar is the starting point for prospectors and fools bent on finding their fortune in the dusty peaks of the Raurin Alta. Coupled with being a waystation for caravans on the Silk Road, Iliphanar has a small reputation throughout the region.

Although the palace of Emir Abi Talid is the physical heart of the town, the buildings are graceless blockhouses of gold-flecked stone. Far more well-known and lively is the Street of Bricks. Many notable businesses are found here: the Camel House, favored by caravan-masters; the Three Arcades, where outfitters display their wares; and the Melon House, an inn renowned for its fine comforts and food. Since all these are concentrated near the Silk Gate, this section of Iliphanar is a boisterous and lively place. Common citizens do business here, but prefer to dwell in the quieter parts of town.

When the Horde conquered Semphar, the Phi fled to lliphanar and attempted to make a stand behind the walls of the Emir’s palace. Hubadai, commander of the Tuigan, besieged the palace after sacking the rest of the town. He finally forced the garrison to surrender by redirecting the course of the Goldenflow, thus denying the garrison drinking water. Upon surrender, the Phi Emir and all their advisors were burned alive inside the palace. The remaining garrison was enlisted into the Horde’s army.

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