Title(s) The Great Brain
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Power Level Greater deity
Subservient Deities
Homeplane The Dismal Caverns
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Alignment Lawful evil
Portfolio Mental dominion
Worshipers Illithids
Cleric Alignments
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Domains Arcana, Evil, Knowledge, Law, Mentalism, Slime, Tyranny
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Favored Weapon Tentacle (unarmed strike)
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Ilsensine is the patron deity of illithids, though not their creator. It is also the patron of evil mages and psionicists who dominate the minds of others. Its true appearance is as a disembodied brain of emerald color that trails countless ganglion-like tentacles.

Ilsensine is cold and calculating, using magic and its psionic strength in a merciless combination to manipulate events as it sees fit. It uses its psionics to gather information as well, pulling it from the minds of all mortals within the Prime Plane and beyond.

Worshipers Edit

Besides illithids, any who seek to dominate and enslave the minds of others may feel a draw towards Ilsensine. It offers power and control to those faithful to it, along with access to the Mind domain of divine magic. Its clerics are known as accomplished slavemasters, using both magic and psionics to control living and undead slaves alike.