The Issacortae inhabit the northwestern portions of the Ama Basin. They are the most unified of the northern people, having at least a nominal high king, and a cultural center of sorts at Tomyris.

Issacort society is organized as follows. The most basic unit is, naturally, the family. A number of related families form a clan, comparable to the extended families of the south in terms of family honor and so forth, which looks to a matriarchal or patriarchal figure for guidance. Among the Issacortae, leadership positions, even military, are not held exclusively by males. A number of clans unite to form a tribe, led by a chieftain who is military leader and arbitrator of disputes.

The eight tribes, finally, constitute the Issacort Confederation, led by one of the chieftains as high king or queen (see Tomyris and Tayanulchi). The Issacort lifestyle is semi- nomadic, concentrating on the raising of reindeer and elk. A small amount of agriculture is practiced, but on neither a large scale nor in a consistent manner. Hunting and fishing are also pursued in an irregular manner. Religion plays an important role in Issacort life, and shamans are employed to lead the many nature oriented, animistic ceremonies. Shamans are equally male and female. Their order is not formally structured, but the most respect and awe is generally accorded to the great shaman of Tomyris.

The Issacortae are the tallest of the northern peoples, and predominantly of medium build. Their dark hair not uncommonly has curls and kinks; men and women alike prefer to grow it long, braid it, and tie it with leather strips.

The preferred weapons of Issacort barbarians are axe, shortbow, spear, sword and uchi-ne. Proficiencies they can choose from are agriculture, animal handling, bowyer, carpentry, chanting, dancing, fishing, horsemanship, pottery, rhetoric, running, singing, small water craft, snare building, survival, tanning, tracking, weaponsmithing, and weaving.

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