Jorhat Shan-This pair of mountains, also known as the Two Brothers, is one of the major landmarks of the Endless Waste. The twin peaks rise well above the hilly plain, the taller of the two— Jorhat Shan— reaching an elevation of 14,389 feet above sea level. The peaks are barren and rocky with few trees growing on the slopes.

About halfway up the side of Jorhat Shan is the ruin of an ancient citadel known now only as the Fortress of Jorhat. The ruins cover several acres of steeply sloped mountain side. The ground is a combination of terraces, cliffs, crags, and overhangs, Packed into this difficult terrain is a closely packed jumble of buildings, alleys, streets, and walls. All the construction is of brick and stone.

Much of the fortress area is collapsed. Tumbled walls block narrow alleys. Roofs have fallen in. Many of the buildings are unsound and could collapse without warning. In addition to the surface works, there are many tunnels and passages carved into the mountain. Except for a few lost exits, these passages can only be entered through the ruins. The passages once led to underground quarries, storerooms, armories, and natural caves. Not even the builders of the fortress knew how far these passages reached.

Local custom holds that the fortress was built by rebels battling the might of the Manetho Empire. This was supposedly their base of operations for raids through the Howling Gap and across the Teyla Shan. In time the victims of those raids counter-attacked with a special force of wizards, priests, and warriors. Those caught here were horribly murdered and the power of the rebels was broken from then on.

Today, normal men don’t go anywhere near the fortress of Jorhat. The few caravans that still follow the Old Iron Road hurry quickly past the Two is Brothers. Wise caravan masters time their passage to avoid the need to camp anywhere near this area. According to standard belief, the site haunted by evil spirits and the vengeful dead slain there. View

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