Wonderbringer, Light of Magic

Lesser Deity of Magic Home Plane: Unknown (was Limbo in 2E, possibly Dragon Eyrie) Symbol: A five-pointed star, the lower two points extended Portfolio: Magic, Dragon Magic, Magical Creativity Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Draconomicon 2E Entry According to legend, it is Kereska Wonderbringer who first taught dragonkind how to wield the powers of magic. As such, she is still revered by dragons of all species (more so by the more magically adept, of course). Kereska is able to cast any known spell as many times per day as she likes, and since she is the font of magical creativity, she can create any new spell-like power on an instant's notice.

Dragons researching new spells often invoke the name of Kereska before beginning. Kereska has the ability to imbue any dracoform with whatever level of spellcasting ability she wishes, and she can bestow new spells and spell-like powers upon any dragon that sufficiently pleases her. Although she always appears as a dragon, the other details of her appearance, size, color, etc..change from manifestation to manifestation. She is always surrounded by a pulsating aura of magical power, however.

From the Kalzareinad Entry in The Cult of the Dragon Kereska subsumed the worship and portfolio of Kalzareinad (dead) during the Time of Troubles (1358 DR).

The Cult of the Dragon Entry Kereska is a chaotic neutral intermediate power of Limbo. Her portfolio is magic, specifically dragon magic, and magical creativity. Her symbol is a five-pointed star with the lower two points extended.

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