Khalab is a simple fishing village on the shores of Gbor Nor is not famed for its food, accommodations, or wonders. Yet to a select group, it is worth a long and dangerous journey. Living here, in Baelzur’s Tower, is Salid Dhuzma, protegee of Tilmar Wanderfoot, the Grand Bard of Hallstatt. Although his title is informal and unofficial, Salid is a poet and bard of great distinction. Hopeful students come from great distances to study at his feet.

Although it is well-known that Dhuzma only takes on one student a year, hundreds of novice bards apply to him at the start of the season. Dhuzma lives in Khalab by choice, spurning the riches and fame he could make in the larger cities on the shores of the Gbor Nor. In addition to extolling the virtues of a simple life through song and poetry, the verser knows much of the lore of the Gbor Nor, the great lake. For those willing to pay his fees, he can tell of great sea battles, shipwrecks, sunken cities, and even some of the secrets of Bhaluin.

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