North of the Shalhoond Forest is a small range of mountains known as the Khopet-Dag, nicknamed the Spiderhaunt Peaks. The source of this name is obvious for the mountains are infested with spiders of all shapes and sizes. The peaks are dry and rocky on the northern slopes and wooded to the south, just the right climate for the population of giant arachnida. The large vale between the Khopet-Dag and the Mountains of Copper is called the Ejen Horo.

One consequence of this overabundance of spiders is the valuable spider-silk thread found in the mountains. Though no different from other thread, it is found here in great quantities. The silk is valued for cloth and rope of exceptional strength and lightness. However, huge quantities are needed to make anything of use. The spider-silk is gathered by yaqubi, mountaineers who make their living at this trade. The yaqubi are a tight-knit clan, seldom revealing the secrets of their trade to outsiders. Each man and woman has his own special web grounds, and jealously guards the location from all others. The yaqubi have developed techniques and tools for gathering the web in greater safety. These, too, are kept secret. The yaqubi are wise in the ways of the giant spiders. Foolish fortune-hunters seldom live long enough to gain these skills.

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