Lip'or Redscale
Home wanders
Gender Male
Race Kobold
Class Sorcerer
Patron deity Garyx

Lip'or Redscale is a Kobold Sorcerer in the service of the red dragon Eyjafjallajokull.


Lip'or is a red dragonwrought kobold so his appearance is not as per a standary kobold. His scales are a dark, deep red over most of his body, though they are a bit lighter on his undersides. Lip'or has many more horns across his scales then a normal kobold and they are much larger and quite sharp. Lip'or's eyes are slightly red and do glow slightly in the dark. His skin is warm to the touch.


Know relativesEdit


Lip'or has various fire based abilities. He can teleport in pillars of fire.

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