Lycanthropy is, a disease or a hereditary condition that causes humanoids to change form, usually into a hybrid humanoid-animal state. A lycanthrope is an individual who possesses this condition. Some lycanthropes are in control of their ability to transform and others are not. Most lycanthropes have some empathy with animals with which they share their forms. Most lycanthropes are humans or elves.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Superficially, lycanthropes resemble their original species but with the head of the specific animal whose shape they are cursed with. Lycanthropes can disguise themselves somewhat through their shape shifting abilities, either taking on a form almost identical to a humanoid but with subtle details revealing their true nature such as pointed teeth or long fingernails. Similarly, lycanthropes can assume an animal form, which would be a perfect disguise except for the unusual spark of intelligence in their eyes that sometimes gives them away.

Types of LycanthropesEdit

Though not technically lycanthropes, shifters are a similar race found where humans have interbred with lycanthropes for generations, acquiring the trait of shapeshifting from their feral ancestors.

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