Mantol Derith
Area Underdark

Mantol-Derith is a city situated in a huge underground cavern three miles below the surface. It is heavily guarded and protected by strong magic. Its exact location is not known by many. The cavern is naturally formed by water, due to it's proximity to the Darklake, and is filled with waterfalls, pools and streams and its walls are filled with multicoloured crystals and gems. Bridges across the various streams are carved from crystal.

The nearest drow settlement to Mantol-Derith is Menzoberranzan, but was formerly Ched Nasad.


Central market 
The market is ringed with giant fungi and merchants set up stalls selling fruit, perfume, woods and spices beneath them.
There is one huge storage area at each of the four corners of the cavern, for the four factions present in the city.

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