Built By Neogi
Used Primarily By Neogi
Tonnage 40 tons
Hull Points 35d10+65 (258 hp)
Crew (Min/Max) Crew: 10, skeleton: 3, gunners: 9, Passengers: 113
Maneuver Class C
Landing - Land No
Landing - Water Yes
Armour Rating 17 (–8 size, +15 natural)
Saves As Thick Wood
Power Type Major Helm
Ship's Rating As Helmsman
Cargo 6 tons
Keel Length 40 feet (Without legs)
Beam Length 15ft

The Mindspider is a much less common ship than the Deathspider, and functions as a command vessel. When people encounter a Neogi fleet they normally assume that the command ship will be one of the large ships, one of the Deathspiders, but the Neogi prefer to let the Deathspiders do the work while the smaller, faster Mindspider commands (sort of similar to how the small Neogi command their large Vodyanki slaves into combat).

The Mindspider follows the arachnid design of the Deathspider, but is much smaller, and much more obviously a constructed ship. The Mindspider has a large 'abdomen' section, and a smaller 'head' section, but there is also a sort of miniature fortress atop the abdomen. This contains, among other things, the Mindspider's sensor and communications equipment. The Mindspider only has 5 legs, as opposed to the Deathspider's 8, and all of these face forwards, as if grasping something between them. Indeed this is the purpose of the legs, as they are used to grasp an enemy ship and bring the airlock mounted on the head up against the hull of the opposing ship so that it can be boarded.

The Mindspider is a much more recent development than the Deathspider, having only appeared within the last hundred years. As yet no major variants have yet been encountered, and the ship seems to serve exclusively as a command ship, normally staying out of combat if possible.

The Crew of a Mindspider usually consists of 3-4 Neogi (usually the most important Neogi in a particular fleet), 6-8 Vodyanki, and about 20 assorted slave races. The ship is actually capable of carrying many more slaves than this standard crew, but that would make conditions aboard the ship quite crowded.

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