Mythal is a powerful epic level magical effect, created by a circle of elven High Mages to protect and ward a large area with numerous powerful enchantments. They work by creating an area wherein the normal rules of magic no longer apply. A typical mythal prevents certain schools of magic from being employed while empowering others. It may restrict access to the warded area to certain classes of beings. For example, Silverymoon's mythal excludes evil dragons. Creation of a mythal sometimes requires the willing sacrifice of the lead caster's life, a result that lead to the first mythal's being named after its creator. In addition, many Mythal spells corrode over time, and if not maintained can become corrupted. This has occurred in Myth Drannor and resulted in the current state of that city.

Mythal DefinitionsEdit

While any epic magic "field or ward" can be considered a Mythal, scholars often use the following distinctions to describe various Mythals:

High Mythal or True Mythal 
The first, great elven Mythals. Those Mythals created before the death of Mystryl, cast as 10th level spells.
Wizard Mythal 
Those Mythals created later but with similar power and often by/including non-elves. Those Mythals created after the death of Mystryl, cast as 9th level spells, but considered in all aspects to be 10th level spells.
Mechanical Mythal 
Mythal type effects achieved through technology, and divine magic. Such systems are not subject to corruption.

Known MythalsEdit

In alphabetical order. Where a Mythal is known by more than one name or it's location is often used instaed of it's name, the mythal will appear multiple times with a "refer to" indicating it's "true" name

Dracorage mythal 
Destroyed in 1373 DR
Elven Court 
Considered a true mythal
In Evereska is located a powerful Mythal
Herald's Holdfast 
The Wards of Silverymoon are considered to be a wizard mythal, not a true mythal.
Myth Adofhaer 
Considered a true mythal
Myth Drannor
Created 261 DR
Considered a Corrupted Mythal
Considered a true mythal, Described as "one of four known wizard mythals"
Myth Dyraalis 
Considered a true mythal
Created -375 DR
Myth Glaurach 
Built near Hellgate Keep. Considered a true mythal Described as "one of four known wizard mythals"
Myth Iiscar 
Built on the island of Lantan, the Mythal's construction and destruction dates are unknown.
Created by non-elves
Myth Lharast
Built somewhere in Amn, this mythal was/is a safe place for "benign lancanthropes". In 1372 DR it exists as a demi-plane after being removed from Faerûn by Selûne
Created by non-elves
Myth Nantar
Created in -3002 DR this Mythal exists under the Sea of Fallen Stars.
Considered a true mythal
Myth Ondath
Considered a true mythal
This Mythal was built on the ruins of Ondathel. Created in 555 DR it was destroyed in 633 DR.
Myth Rhynn
Created during the hieght of the Keltormir civilization. By the 14th century DR Myth Rhynn had been corrupted.
Considered a true mythal
Myth Unnohyr
Created sometime before/during the rise of Shanatar, Myth Unnohyr was in ruins by the time of the First Kingdom of Mir and by the 14th century DR it was corrupted.
Considered a true mythal
Shoonach's Imperial Mount
Located in the center of Shoonach, a ruined city in the 14th century DR, believed built by the Strohm and thier elven allies.
Created by non-elves,described as "one of four known wizard mythals"
Refer Herald's Holdfast above.
Created by Halaster, the many layers of spells, wards and other magic have created a near-mythal

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