NARALIS ANALOR (The Healer, The Watcher of Souls) Lesser god

ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good TYPICAL WORSHIPPERS: Healers, Any non-evil (elves) SYMBOL: A white dove-shield DOMAINS: Good, Healing, Sun.

home is Elysium/Amoria/The Healing Glade

Naralis is an elven god whose primary interest is not just the safeguarding of elven souls after they depart, but also healing of the living. He is one of the few death gods who isn’t malevolent or uncaring, and he’s very popular in those worlds where his worship is practiced.

Naralis’s worshippers are those who are concerned with keeping their fellow elves healthy, and in caring for those who are going to die. Some adventurers give their respect to Naralis in the hope he’ll be able to turn the next potential deathblow away from them.

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