Built By Illithids
Used Primarily By Illithids
Tonnage 35 tons
Hull Points 35d10+65 (258 hp)
Crew (Min/Max) 10/35
Maneuver Class C
Landing - Land No
Landing - Water Yes
Armour Rating 17 (–8 size, +15 natural)
Saves As Thick Wood
Power Type Major Helm
Ship's Rating As Helmsman
Cargo 6 tons
Keel Length 125 (180 feet if one includes the piercing ram)
Beam Length 30ft

The nautiloid reflects the nature of the illithids. Its coiled shell provides the comfort of enclosed space which protects the illithids from the rays of the fire/radiant bodies. It is the standard ship of the line of the spacefaring illithid nations. A standard mind flayer crew has 10 illithids, plus 2-5 additional flayers (depending upon the number of series helms in use). The number of series helms in use determines the ship's tactical speed. A mind flayer ship has a single captain and first officer, the remainder of the group being crew. If additional crewmen are on board, they are nearly aways slaves of the illithids. These expendable slaves are used to man the catapults, while the illithids remain in relative comfort of the interior. Humans are the slaves of choice, but sometimes other races can be found as slaves on a nautiloid.


  • Air Capacity-3,920 man-days
  • Ship Modification: Increased Armor (x4, equals +8 AC), Landing (water), Ram, Reinforced Frame, Reinforced Hull (x1, equals +5 hit points), Sails, Streamlined

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