The Northdark North and east of Waterdeep lays a large and notorious domain called the Northdark. Many of the Underdark's most famous realms lie in this area, including the ruined svirfneblin city of Blingdenstone, the duergar Deepkingdom of Gracklstugh, and Menzoberranzan, City of Spiders. The Northdark is also home to the wreckage of numerous ancient realms, such as Ammarindar, Delzoun, and Netheril (this last one in the form of Skullport). The Buried Realms lie quite near it to the east--in fact, the Northdark meets the Buried Realms beneath the ruins of Ascore. Countless orc-holds, troll-caves, and giant-delvings also lie buried beneath the Spine of the World to the north.


  • Ch'Chitl (Small Town, Illithid; Lowerdark)
  • Eryndlyn (Metropolis, Drow; Middledark)
  • Gracklstugh (Metropolis, Duergar; Middledark)
  • Menzoberranzan (Metropolis, Drow; Upperdark)
  • Reeshov (Small Town, Grimlock; Lowerdark)
  • Yathchol (Village, Chitine; Middledark)


  • Ammarindar (Upperdark)
  • Araumycos (Upperdark)
  • Blingdenstone (Upperdark)
  • Chaulssin (Middledark)
  • Ched Nasad (Middledark)
  • The Darklake (Middledark)
  • Dead Dragon Gorge (Middledark)
  • Dolblunde (Upperdark)
  • The Fardrimm (Upperdark)
  • The Labyrinth (Upperdark and Middledark)
  • Mantol-Derith (Middledark)
  • Nuur Throth (Lowerdark)
  • The Sharnlands (Lowerdark)
  • The Wormwrithings (Upperdark)

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