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Othea (known as Deronain in Auld Dwarvish and Sonnhild in ancient Thorass) was a goddess who married Annam All-Father and bore his children, who would become the origin of the giant race. She would later claim the cold vast plains with Annam's son Lanaxis.


Othea was the wife of Annam All-Father. Her sons were Arno and Julian, Dunmore, Masud, Nicias, Obadai, Ottar, Ruk and Vilmos.


Othea was unfaithful to Annam, her husband. In c.-26000 DR, she has an affair with Vaprak resulting in ogre race, and then in c.-25500 DR she has an affair with Ulutiu, shortly before the end of the giant war against the dragons, resulting in four sons firbolg, fomorian, verbeeg and voadkyn Othea was so upset by this that she refused to give Annam another child, but Annam tricked her to get her pregnant. They reached a compromise where Annam agreed to leave Abeir-Toril until the child called for him, in return for Othea not terminating the pregnancy.

Othea was poisoned by her son, Lanaxis, when she refused to let him save his citadel of Voninheim. Before she died, she cursed him, causing him to flee to Arborea. Her unborn son Hartkiller managed to survive.