Outsider (Tanar'ri)
Type Outsider (Tanar'ri)
Location The Abyss

Awkward on land, the Pengizu are swift and deadly hunters in the waters of the Abyss.


They stand 10 feet tall and weigh around 3,000 pounds. They look like oversized penguins with black, dirty white and dark red feathers, and their beaks are long and wicked.


While there are other tanar'ri capable of handling water, like the hezrou, the pengizu is uniquely designed for the water. It is the hunter and killer of the Abyssal seas and is especially at home on the colder layers of that chaotic plane. Only rarely is the pengizu used on the material planes—perhaps the arrogant pirate prince or the foolish barbarian chief on the coast of some ice-bound land will summon a pengizu. Occasionally, a demon horde called to battle a seagoing people or onto a water world will include large numbers of pengizu. However, they have little concern for demonic empires of their own.

Pengizu are formed from the souls of evil pirates and corsairs, and monstrous barbarian hordes.

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