Phelzel is the second city of Semphar, about half the size of Dhaztanar. Nonetheless, it is an important trade rival of the capital. Phelzel’s greatest trading good is lumber brought down from the Shalhoond Forest. Here the logs are finished and shipped to other towns and cities of the Gbor Nor.

Because of its lumber industry, Phelzel is also an important ship-building center. Many of the small fishing boats that ply Brightstar Lake are built here, along with larger merchant ships. There is a saying that best describes Phelzel: “In Dhaztanar a man can buy any goods for the right price, but in Phelzel any man can be bought for the right price.” Although Phelzel putatively follows Muhjari law, the ordinances here are poorly enforced. Wine shops, while banned, are winked at, along with a host of other vices— provided these businesses pay their “fees” and do not get out of hand. The governor of Phelzel and most of the officials live quite well, certainly beyond the means of their official salaries.

Because of this attitude, Phelzel has more than its share of thieves’ dens and guilds. Many of the conmen, footpads, and bawdymen, finding Dhaztanar too rigid and unprofitable, have moved their operations to Phelzel Operating behind thinly disguised fronts, many of the Phelzel thieves’ guilds spread their influence throughout the cities and large towns of Semphar.

With the preponderance of thieves come other characters. The thieves hire mercenaries to protect their interests. Wizards are useful for their spells. The mercenaries find priests necessary to stay alive. Furthermore, there is the additional lure of Bhaluin, the Drowned City, just a stone’s throw across the water. There is always work for any skilled adventurer in Phelzel. Vi

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