Pleasant Valley Gateway Oasis

This long-named oasis is located at the southernmost end of the Glittering Spires. It is not so much an oasis as a small, green valley on the edge of the steppe. Glacier-fed streams run down into the valley and fill a small lake near its center. From the lake, water drains off underground.

The Pleasant Valley has been settled by a small band of elves, who arrived many decades ago from the colder lands of Nathoud. These elves, a dissident faction of those found in the north, have fled their homeland to found their own utopian community. Here in the valley, they have struggled to achieve their goal.

The Pleasant Valley elves want only peace and harmony, with nature and with their neighbors. Although they have a strong aversion to bloodshed for any reason, they are not pacifists. The elves can and do fight for their homeland when necessary. However, taking up arms is always considered the last resort. This reluctance to be warriors is both the weakness and strength of these elves. Because they often refuse to fight, the nomads treat them with little respect. The Pleasant Valley elves are scorned and mocked by the warlike Zamogedi and Tuigan, their closest neighbors. The elves are a popular target for raids, since they seldom put up strong resistance.

However, once the elves decide bloodshed is inevitable, they are ferocious warriors. Taking up arms is an ultimate act. Every elf warrior becomes committed to victory at any cost. His own life has no purpose or meaning if he fails. All he will have accomplished is to strike in anger for no good result.

So long as the elves are left alone, they bother no one. They are content to remain within their valley. Over the years, the nomads have learned this painful lesson. Now they tend to leave sleeping dogs lie, much to the contentment of the elves.

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