Outsider (Native) humanoid
Type Outsider (Native) humanoid
Location The Lower Planes and Prime Material Plane
Languages Common

Rakshasa are a type of evil outsiders from the lawful evil regions of the Outer Planes, though most live on the Prime Plane. They are powerful sorcerers and, although they disdain physical fighting as ignoble, can be dangerous in close combat as well.

Physical Description Edit

Rakshasas natural shape is relatively humanoid although they are clearly not human, as they have the head of beasts. Their hands also look disturbing to most humans, as their palms are where the back of the hands would be in humans. The Rakshasa are capable of hiding their disturbing appearance at any time, as they can choose any humanoid form at will.


These rakshasa the heads of white tigers and are skinnier than common breed. They are unusually powerful spellcasters and specialize in necromantic magic. To use their necromantic powers to their full potential the Ak'chazar often use graveyards or old battlefields as their headquarters. When working on one of their dark schemes they often let their undead do the physical work while they stay behind the scenes themselves.
These are shapeshifters with the ability to utilize different supernatural combat styles based on their current forms.
Naztharune have the heads of black tigers and are covered in black fur. They have few magical powers but compensate by being strong fighters, specializing in assassination. They lack most Rakshasa's need to be the leader of any organisation that they are part of, often working for other Rakshasa.
Zakyas resemble standard rakshasas, but rather than focusing on sorcery, they are skilled melee combatants and weapon masters. They use their weak magical powers to supplement their martial prowess.

Society Edit

Rakshasa are solitary beings, although they do occasionally cooperate with each other. Since Rakshasa are ambitious beings, as well as being solitary, sorcerous shapeshifters, they typically hold leading positions in whatever undertaking they are involved in. Rakshasa Knights focus on hunting paladins on behalf of Ravanna, while Rakshasa Lords serve as his high priests.


Rakshasa revere Ravanna, King of Rakshasas.

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