Capital Immilmar
Government Monarchy/magocratic gynarchy
Population 654,480
Religions The Three
Imports cloth, food, wood products
Exports Carvings, cheese, firewine, furs, wool
Alignment Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Neutral

Inhabitants of Rashemen
Locations in Rashemen
Organizations in Rashemen
Settlements in Rashemen

Rashemen is a magocratic gynarchy in the far northeast of Faerûn. The northern part of the country is barren and wreaked by strong, harsh winds while the south is cool but not nearly as bad. Surrounded by mountains and huge lakes and rivers, the built up area of Rashemen is highly defensible, though those northern region are attacked by Nar barbarians and monsters quite frequently.

The people of Rashemen are called Rashemi.

The Nominal ruler of Rashemen is the Huhrong or "Iron Lord", currently Volas Dyervolk. He rules in the best interests of Rashemen. The real power however lies with the Witches of Rashemen. They pick the Iron Lord and can change him whenever they feel it necessary. At a local level, each settlement is ruled over by a fyrra who only controls the armed forces under his command but their rule can be compared to that of a mayor.

Rashemen has been at near constant odds with the country of Thay. Their Red Wizard rulers have been trying to conquer the country and its magical wealth for around five hundred years and have convinced their citizens that Rashemen is a debased country. Luckily, the Red Wizards make a lot of mistakes and are too concerned with infighting to present Rashemen and its people with more of a serious threat.

Specific prestige classesEdit

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