Raven's Bluff
Area The Vast

Inhabitants of Raven's Bluff
Locations in Raven's Bluff

Raven's Bluff is port city home to many heroes and adventurers. It was built on a bluff, on the mouth of the Fire River, and the ruins of Dwarven city Sarbreen lie directly underneath the city streets. This may be a major reason why so many adventurers choose to come to Raven's Bluff, and there are routine expeditions into Sarbreen. However, unbeknownst to even longtime residents, Sarbreen is not the only city that was built before Raven's Bluff: Drow had previously built a stronghold thousands of years before and created a powerful mythal to protect it. The mythal still exists and is suspected to be the cause of the mysterious wildfire phenomenon sometimes witnessed in the city.

The status of Raven's Bluff as a port city on a major river may account for the fact that it has been attacked at least twice in its long history. A more recent attempt, made somewhere between 1337 DR and 1347 DR by the warlord Myrkyssa Jelan, was fortunately unsuccessful (though the warlord herself was not captured.) Current rumors suggest she is still at large in or around the city.

Notable ResidentsEdit

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