Restore Plant

School Conjuration (Healing)
Level Sor/Wiz 0, Drd 0
components V,S,
casting time 1 action
range Touch
target Plant touched up to 1 cubic feet in size/level
duration Instantaneous
saving throw Will negates (harmless)
spell resistance Yes (harmless)

with this Cantrip you deliver nutrients directly into a small plant. This instantly restores to full life any wilted (but not dried up or rotted) plant. If used on a healthy plant it provides one day's worth of nutrients, allowing it to endure a lack of water, soil and sunlight without harm. If cast daily it allows a plant to thrive in adverse conditions indefinitely. The arcane version cannot affect plant creatures.

Druid OrisonEdit

When cast as a divine spell restore plant can also heal a plant creature of 1 point of damage, and can affect plant creatures.

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