Sanke eyes

School Enchantment
Level Sor/Wiz 0, Drd 0
components V,S, F
casting time 1 action
range Touch
target One animal or familiar (snakes only)
duration Concentration, up to 1 min./level (D)
saving throw Will negates (harmless)
spell resistance Yes (harmless)

With this Cantrip you see the world through the senses of a touched snake, using its eyes, ears, and sense of smell rather than your own. You retain your own sense of touch. You use the snake's spot and listen checks rather than your own, and can smell the world using its scent ability. You must maintain direct skin contact with the snake or the spell ends.

This spell does not grant you any special control over the snake, and unless tame it may attack you or attempt to escape. A snake always attempts to make its will save against snake eyes unless it is tame and feels comfortable in your grasp, or has been convinced to comply through a spell like speak with animals. A snake serving as an animal companion always permits its master to cast this spell on it. A snake serving as a familiar can only have this spell cast on them by its master.

Since your senses are slightly displaced with respect to your body it becomes difficult to react to outside events, and although you can move you are denied your dexterity bonus to AC while using the snake's senses. You cannot avoid harmful effects based on sight or sound, such as a gaze attack or a suggestion spell, just because you are using the snake's senses instead of your own. Phantasms and other effects that are only in your mind are still seen through the snake's vision. You can however use the snake's senses as a way around being blinded or deafened.


A bracelet or anklet made of shed snake skin that must be worn by the caster for the spell's duration. If it is removed the spell ends.

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