Semphar is the mightiest nation of Taan, and deserves this name as it is far from Faerûn, even more than Thay. Theorically a part of the empire of Mulhorand, it is modeled after Persian Peninsula. Its capital is Dhaztanar, while its second largest town is Phelzel.

The land of Semphar is one of the Central Lands most cosmopolitan areas. The Seljuks are the ruling class of society. The chief Seljuk is called the Phi. The Phi of Semphar rules a land that straddles the Silk Road which travels from the Oriental Lands of Shou Lung in the East through Semphar and into Hallstatt and then to Terraguard beyond the Great Mountains. Combining the cultures of the Western World with those of Kara Tur along with the influences of Manetho, Nubia, Dahshur and the southern lands of al-Qadim Semphar is a melting pot that is always on the edge of boiling over.

Semphar’s greatest asset is its position. It is the conduit through which the majority of trade between east and west flows. To the Western World, Semphar is the exotic last outpost before stepping off into the great unknown. To Shou Lung, Semphar is the last barely-civilized land before venturing into the realms of barbarians. Trade carried on the Silk Road begins and ends in Dhaztanar, home of the Phi.

The eastern border of Semphar is the Godswatch Mountains, called Teyla Shan by those in Khazari. The silk road enters Semphar both through the Howling Gap on the southern edge of the mountains and through the Fergana Pass in the north. The north of Semphar is bordered by the Shalhoond Forest, and the south by the Raurin Alta mountains.

The western border lies along the shores of Brightstar Lake where Hallstatt and Semphar have fought several naval battles. The battle fields north of Gbor Nor (as the Druids of Hallstatt call it) are rumored to have roving bands of ghouls from the many conflicts the two countries have fought.

There are several cities and many small towns and villages scattered across Semphar. 1 Dhaztanar 2 Phelzel 3 Duirtanal 4 Semkhrun 5 Iliphanar 6 Estanil 7 Harb 8 Shahar 9 Uman 10 Banu 11 Dar al Kalif 12 Fustat 13 Wadueska'b 14 Nihanwand 15 Khalis 16 Taquasma 17 Temple of Dayr 18 Takrit 19 Anbar 20 Zabad 21 Siniyat 22 Banawari 23 Saaid 24 Semlithol 25 Jurjan 26 Isabadah 27 Merv 28 Baduraya 29 Qumis 30 Maristan 31 Darabjind 32 Simman 33 Naysabur 34 Quas al-Hasani

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