Size Large city
Population 16,423

Inhabitants of Serraine
Locations in Serraine
Organizations in Serraine

Serraine is a flying gnome city.


Serraine... To begin, it is best to look at the birth of the city itself. Serraine began as an idea over a thousand years ago by some of the more imaginative gnomes: a flying city powered by both magic and technology. That dream is now a reality and a haven for all manner of beings.

As well as being a merchant's and librarian's dream, by it's very nature Serraine is cosmopolitan, not just as a meeting place for traders and scholars, but a home to those who want a place where they belong.

Serraine has always been open and relaxed about who enters its gates, (not that it has any, merely railings to prevent falling to one's death). It has perhaps, the greatest variety of races known as both visitors and inhabitants.

Nowhere else can one find pegataur paladin, a cloud giant laborer, technically-minded sky gnomes, faenare, ambitious humans and a floating skull as the city's librarian?

Among the city's delights are the requisite flying ships (sometimes powered by elementals), a vast library, the Tumbling Fields (a zero-gravity area), pegataur jousts, and the ability to readily order what you can't buy on the spot, thanks to the city's mobility.

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