Somraggah is large town sits astride the Road of the Dawn, once an important trade route between Semphar and Hallstatt. With the collapse of the southern trade that went through Solon, the Road of the Dawn sees little traffic anymore. Somraggah sits at the edge of a sea of sand, for the winds from the south have been slowly pushing the Plains of Purple Dust northward. The once fertile land has become dry. Rivers have been reduced to streams and streams have disappeared. While the change has been disastrous for the farmers of the region, it has not been bad for everyone. Large deposits of chalcedony and jasper have been discovered beneath old riverbeds. Date palms now flourish where cotton grew before. These things have kept Somraggah prosperous in hard times.

Today the town is known for its miners, gem cutters, and jewelers. In addition, its markets are filled with fine dates that are shipped as far as Shou Lung and Terraguard.

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