Area Glittering Spires
Races Kenku

Inhabitants of Souura
Locations in Souura
Organizations in Souura

Sourra is a small mountain village.


Sourra is surrounded by a ten foot high, five foot thick stone wall. A single, solid iron door breaks the wall to the north. Much of the town is made of simple, flat stone buildings. Some newer buildings are made of wood. Just about all building are only a single floor.


Sourra is protected by an Air Ward. Also a order of knights, the WindFeathers, guards the town.

Law and JusticeEdit

Sourra has little need for laws, as there is very little crime.


Sourra has very little trade relations with the rest of the world. The only true trade partner they have is with the deep gnome city of Suddettemumder. Occasionally a trader from Haveen shows up.



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