Summon Fiendish Raven

School Conjuration [Infernal Pact, Summoning Discipline]
Level least invocation
components V, S
casting time 1 action
range short
target effect one summoned creature
duration 1 min/level(D)
saving throw none
spell resistance none


You summon a fiendish dire raven. It is a skirmisher, with the following special traits and abilities:

  • Small: +2 to attacks and AC, -4 Str and +2 Dex (does not further modify attacks and AC)
  • Fly 50 ft (good)
  • DR level/good
  • ER 5+level (fire, cold)
  • +1d6 fire damage to melee attacks
  • Death Crow (Su): Close burst 3, Fort half; 1d6/level shadow damage. Using this ability consumes a swift action from the summoner, and dismisses the summoned creature.

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